NEWSLETTER 50 - april 2024
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  • Recently, we announced that in addition to promoting education through the construction of schools and teachers houses, we have also started the construction of a Training Centre for providing practical vocational training, such as carpenter, seamstresses, construction worker and electrician.
    We are proud to announce that on Monday 4 March, The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between the Government Training Centre in Mumbwa and ZAP.
    A milestone in the history of ZAP!

    What does it mean?
    This means that the collaboration between the Government Training Centre and ZAP is now official. ZAP meets all requirements, has received the certificate of approval and is recognized as a fully-fledged training centre.

    The responsibilities are divided as follows:
    ZAP takes care of the construction of theory and practice rooms, storage rooms, the kitchen and accommodation for the teachers and students, as well as the purchase of all sewing machines and tools, electric,-and hand.
    The Ministry of Sports, Youth and Child Development is responsible for appointing and paying the teachers, as well as for the selection of students, and the brokerage of loans for the students to enable the training.

    The first 2 courses will start in June

    What do we still have to achieve this year?
  • Construction of the kitchen
  • Construction of accommodation for 20 students
  • Construction of 4 toilets

  • Cost: EUR. 75.000,-
    This includes all building materials, transport, salaries for 12 ZAP workers, renewing their contracts (labour consultant), maintenance of ZAP truck, and -cruiser.
    HELP ZAP with this fantastic project and thereby give many young people the opportunity to to follow an education and thus a better future!

    We would like to come back to the latest developments in the next newsletter.

    With our heartfelt regards,

    ZAP (Zambia Allocation Program)
    Josien Dudok van Heel

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